Tomato Prices rise 260% after Indian Ban

  • Retail price of Tomatoes varies from Rs.85/kg to Rs. 145/kg city-to-city
  • National Average for Tomatoes was Rs. 72/kg in January as compared to Rs.115/kg at In February

Before delving into the news detail, let us clarify that the Ban on Indian Tomatoes was first put by Pakistan, even before Pulwama attack. Pakistan put a ban on import of Indian Tomatoes in 2016-17.

Times of India quoted a farmer last September ” Pakistan was a major importer of tomatoes from the district Nashik, but a ban by that country is hitting farmers hard”

The ban on Import of Indian Tomatoes was due to the substandard condition of tomatoes and presence of Nipah virus in them. Many middle eastern countries have also put ban on idnian Tomatoes. After the ban, Indian tomato was being sold at Rs. 4/kg in Maharashtra region. The lower price was associated with the excessive supply of tomatoes which cannot be sold in the market.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics declared February 2019 inflation at 8.2%. Component analysis of the CPI showed a substantial rise of Tomato prices across the country. National Average Retail price of Tomatoes was Rs.32/kg in February 2018 which shot up to Rs. 115/kg in February 2019, a 260% rise YoY. The average retail price of Tomatoes was Rs. 72/kg in January 2019.

“The rise in tomato prices is more due to war rhetorics which was present in later part of February. The supply chain of Tomato is smooth and prices will return to normal soon”, commented a broker in New Sabzi Mandi Karachi.

Retail price of Tomatoes varied from Rs.85/kg to Rs. 145/kg


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