Sania Mirza Shut Down Trollers

- Tennis Player Hits out at trolls for targeting celebrities


Sania Mirza, who is married to Pakistan cricket player Shoaib Malik, posted on Twitter a hard-hitting message just a few days after condemning the Pulwama attack. While labeling the Pulwama attack as ‘black day for India’, the Tennis Player also expressed her frustration over the need for celebrities to condemn such acts publicly on social media.

As Sania is married to Shoaib Malick who is Pakistani, Twitter trolls were intensely targeting the Indian tennis star. Giving them a Silencing Pill, the 32-year-old shared a lengthy post on Twitter

“Anger is good as long as it’s being channeled into something productive. You are achieving nothing by trolling other people. There was no place for terrorism in this world and there never will be. Find you way to serve the nation instead of sitting and swearing and judging public figures for how many posts they have posted about the tragedy! Do your bit and we are doing out bit without announcing on social media! Yes that’s a thing too. Prayers and peace,” Sania concluded her Tweet

Trollers insisted ‘Why Not Mention Pakistan?’

Not all fans were satisfied with the post. Many believed that not terming “Pakistan” as responsible for attack is a sin, Sania has committed.

This is not a new slew of hatred Sania is Facing for being Muslim. Like other Muslims in India, Sania had to show and confess publicly her allegiance to her country in the past.


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