Petrol Price increased by Rs. 5.15/litre

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Petrol Price increased by Rs. 5.15/litre

The federal government on the recommendation of OGRA has increased the prices of petroleum products for the month of August.

The price of petrol has been increased by Rs. 5.15/litre and Rs. 5.65/litre for High-Speed Diesel (HSD).

Kerosene price is increased by Rs. 5.38/litre and Light Diesel Oil (LDO) price is increased by Rs. 8.9/litre.

New Prices of Petroleum Product for the Month of August-2019 are mentioned below:

Price Per Litre New Price Old Price Change
Petrol 117.83 112.68 4.6%
High-Speed Diesel 132.47 126.82 4.5%
Light Diesel Oil 97.52 88.62 10%
Kerosene 103.84 98.46 5.5%

The petroleum product prices have been kept at the same level since May-19. Although Crude Oil prices have fallen in this period, however, as Rupee has depreciated by around 8% over a couple of months, the impact is being passed through.

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