Parey Hut Love Full Movie Download, Review 2019

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Parey Hut Love Full Movie Download, Review 2019

  • Parey Hut Love movie online which was released on Eid ul Adha, the same day as Mahira Khan starer Super Star, features star cast of Shehryar Munawar, Maya Ali, Sonya Jehan, Zara Noor Abbas among others

Lollywood’s latest star cast movie Parey Hut Love was leaked online by piracy site The Pirate Bay on Monday. After many Bollywood movies, it is the turn of Shehryar Munawwar starrer to make its place on the piracy site.

Piracy sites like The Pirate Bay and are working illegally as they are spreading content without permission. However, the illegality hasn’t stopped the websites from releasing Parey hut Love Online.

Parey Hut Love movie online which was released on Eid ul Adha, the same day as Mahira Khan starer Super Star, features star cast of Shehryar Munawar, Maya Ali, Sonya Jehan, Zara Noor Abbas among others.

The movie has largely received negative reviews by the public, with IMDB giving a rating of just 5.5/10.

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Parey Hut Love Movie Review, IMDB Rating 2019

Overall reception of the movie by the public has remained negative. The film plot has been adapted from an old Hollywood movie Four Weddings and a Funeral. Parey Hut Love is directed by Asim Raza. It features Maya Ali as Saniya who is depicted as a strong and dedicated young girl while Sheheryar Munawar is portrayed as a struggling actor.

Parey Hut Love Story, Plot

Parey Hut Love is a story of personal growth and star-crossed love finally persevering in the face of life challenges barriers both personal and external.

Sheheryar (Sheheryar Munawwar) is reluctantly attending his cousin wedding festivities, where he meets Saniya (Maya Ali), who is visiting her hometown Karachi after living many years in Turkey.

After the wedding event, Sheheryar takes Saniya out to see the City of Lights as she had to leave for turkey in some time. During this time, the Sheheryar and Saniya fall in love with each other and commit to staying in touch as Saniya leaves for Turkey.

The long-distance relationship stayed strong for a while, but soon Sheheryar couldn’t keep up with his commitment as many messages and Calls from Saniya remained unanswered. Saniya feels rejected and starts distancing herself.

Shehryar soon realizes his mistake but, it got too late as Saniya felt intensely hurt and moves away.

The plot of the movie is mainly dominated by Shehryar as his emotional acting and dialogues bring some life to the film. The movie has primarily one-dimensional tone with Shehryar and his life’s failures dominating the plot. Hina Dilpazeer flawless acting and comic role bring some positivity to the film, while veteran actor Nadeem Baig’s appearance remains powerful.

Maya Ali’s on-screen appearance remain weak partly due to the dialogues which portrays her like a young sheltered woman who is eager to please.

Zara Noor Abbas plays a supporting role as she appears as Shehryar’s Friend, Neighbour and Colleague. Mahira Khan appears briefly in the movie as a guest star.

Cinematography seems great as visuals and shooting locations somewhat lift the movie. The movie has six songs “Ik Pal”,  “Haye Dil”,  “Behka Na”, “Balma Bahgora”, “Morey Saiyan” and  “Zehal-e-Miskeen”

Final Verdict: Parey Hut Love feels more like a TV Drama than a big Movie. Many scenes from the wedding look like Tarang Advertisement. The script remains weak. Fawad Khan and Mahira’s brief appearance somewhat lifts up the movie. Zara Noor Abbas fails to make a significant impact. While Supporting roles of Hina Dilpazeer, Ahmed Ali butt and Nadeem Baif couldn’t be utilized to its potential.

The Movie has good material to plan for your upcoming weddings ranging from beautiful, meticulously crafted wedding interiors, perfect outfits and Mehndi Songs.

As expected, the movie tries to achieve too much and ends up achieving very little.

Parey Hut Love Movie Rating: 5/10

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