Minister clarifies no new taxes on Oil, Ghee and Flour

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Minister clarifies no new taxes on Oil, Ghee and Flour

Hammad Azhar, The State Minister for Revenue clarified on Tuesday that no new tax on cooking oil, ghee, flour and raw meat has been implemented. He defended his the Government’s decision to increase the tax rate on sugar. The minister was participating in Budget Debate at National Assembly.

Previously, the opposition parties in the Assembly has been asking the Government to roll back its heavy tax measures of the upcoming budget. Even, Ruling Party’s own Member Asad Umar asked his government to review the imposition of new taxes on ghee/cooking oil and Sugar.

During his speech to wind up the budget discussion, Hammad Azhar mentioned that Sales tax on Sugar has been raised to 17% from the current level of 11%. This is expected to raise the price by Rs. 3.5/kg only.

He further clarified that the government has not imposed any new taxes on Oil/ghee, flour, fruits, vegetables or raw meat. He mentioned that taxes have been imposed only on “branded/Packaged corn flour”, “imported fruits and vegetables” and “Packaged/Processed meat”.


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