Master Foam Sues Diamond Industries over “Papa Jani” Trademark

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Master Foam Sues Diamond Industries over “Papa Jani” Trademark

The Intellectual Property Tribunal of Pakistan (Lahore Division) has restrained Diamond Industries from making use of the registered trademark “Papa Jaani” of Master Enterprise.

Master Enterprise is a leading Foam Maker in Pakistan having a brand of “Molty Foam”. Molty Foam has for long registered the Trademark Key Word “Papa Jani” in its name which it uses in its Marketing and Advertising campaigns.

However, lately, Diamond Industries, manufacturer of Diamond foams, have used the “Papa Jani” word in its new advertising campaign starring Mehwish Hayat and Ali Zafar. 

The ad highlights a wife getting upset with her husband for buying a mattress online instead of going with reliable and old “Papa Jani recommended mattress”.

By using the copyrighted word “Papa Jani”, Diamond Industries targets Master Foam. Through this “casual attack”, Diamond tried to tell the public that their mattresses can be ordered online with full customer support through website and Phone.

The Master Enterprises, Aggrieved of this “defamatory” practice, had initiated a legal proceeding by filing a lawsuit in the Intellectual Property Tribunal against Diamond Industries.

The court has passed an order to PEMRA that such advertising to be banned from all the channels.

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