Italian, British Mountaineers missing over Nanga Parbat

  • The expedition was on way to summit Nanga Parbat in the mid of Winter
  • Rescue Helicopter given permission to fly amid Border tension

As per Alpine Club of Pakistan, Two foreign Alpinist – Daniele Nardi(Italy) and Tom Ballard(Britain) are stranded at high altitude on Nanga Parbat while all communication with them has been lost. The climbers last communication with the base camp on 24th February when they last updated about their descending from Camp 4 to Camp 3 at 6,350 meters height.

Weather on Nanga Parbat Mountain has been harsh since last week with poor visibility. However, Weather is expected to improve from today on wards. The Ambassador of Italy tweeted to update about the situation

Pakistan to the rescue

Renowned Pakistani Mountaineer, Ali Sadpara, is looking after the rescue efforts in search of the stranded team. The rescue team was last reported to be at Skardu weighting for the right weather conditions to fly. Pertinent to note is the fact that Ali Sadpara is the first person in the world to climb Nanga Parbat during winter in 2016 with Simone Moro and Alex Txikon.

A Pakistani Mountaineer, Karim Hayat was also part of the Nanga Parbat expedition. However he quit the expedition in January. Karim will also be part of the rescue team along with Ali Sadpara

Border tension between India and Pakistan led to shutting down of Air space in Pakistan. The Italian Ambassador and the British embassy requested the Government of Pakistan to send the helicopter to the Base Camp despite geo political tensions.

Pakistan Army has graciously given an exception for launching a rescue mission for missing mountaineers. The rescue mission will drop Ali Sadpara at the highest possible place on Nanga Parbat, keeping in view weather conditions.

The Winter expedition of Nanga Parbat started in missing climbers December 2018. Tom Ballard last updated his Instagram account on 17th February with a snapshot wearing Skiing gear at the Nanga Parbat


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