India removes Imran Khan’s Picture from Cricket Club

- Petty Political Posturing adds to a heated atmosphere between two countries


In a low scoring political move, the Indian Government Ordered Cricket Club of India to remove portrait of Imran Khan. The portrait of Prime Minister Imran Khan was positioned at the “All rounder restaurant” in the club premises. Another photograph of Imran Khan with his team mates, hanging on the Wall of the club, has also been removed.

Previously, the Mohali stadium had removed around 15 pictures of the Pakistani players on insistence of Punjab Cricket Association authorities.

Such Petty political posturing comes in the wake of Pulwama attack, for which India blames Pakistan. Earlier, Ex-India cricketer Harbhajan Singh asked BCCI to back out from India – Pakistan World Cup match scheduled for 16th June 2019

Who will lose, if World Cup Match get cancelled?

As per World Cup guidelines, forfeiting a match results in a defeat, unless there is a mutual agreement in which case the point is shared between the teams. Historically, cases exists where teams forfeited the match which resulted in their defeat. West Indies and Australia refused to play in Srilanka during World Cup 1996. Resultantly, Srilanka was awarded full points.

Similarly, England refused to visit Zimbabwe under Mugabe Rule while New Zealand had refused to play in Kenya citing Security Issues. The points were given to host countries.

In case, India refuses to play match against Pakistan, full points will be awarded to Pakistan. However, greatest loss will be incurred by broadcasters and the host associations as they miss out on revenue.


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