Hareem Farooq Wiki Biography: Age, Height, Family, Dramas, Movies, Diet, Pictures

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Hareem Farooq Wiki Biography: Age, Height, Family, Dramas, Movies, Diet, Pictures

Hareem Farooq Wiki Biography: Age, Height, Family, Dramas, Movies, Diet, Pictures, shalwar kameez

Hareem Farooq is a Pakistani actress who has appeared in several Dramas and movies. She is famous for her roles in dramas “Diyar e Dil” and “Doosri Biwi” and movies “Parchi” and “Dobara Phir Se”.

Hareem started her career back in 2012 with a Theatre Play Pawnay 14 August in Karachi where she played role of Fatima Jinnah. The Theatre show remained a success with re-plays in Lahore and Islamabad. After the success of Pawany 14 August, Hareem Farooq also acted in another Theatre Show “Aangan Terha”, which also became an instant hit.

Personal Biography

Hareem Farooq Age, Date of Birth, Zodiac Sign

Hareem Farooq was born on 26th May 1989 in Islamabad. She is 30 years old and her Zodiac Sign is Gemini. Just like typical Geminis, Hareem loves travelling, meeting people and is sharp, clever and wear a charm which makes her personality prominent.

Husband, Spouse, Marital Status, Relationships

Contrary to popular belief, Hareem Farooq is not married and still single . There are rumours that Hareem Farooq and Actor Ali Rehman are in a relationship as they are frequently seen with each other on various fashion shows, talk shows and get-togethers. Their On-Screen chemistry, which is appealing for viewers, is also present in real. Ali Rehman was cast in Two Films which were produced by Hareem Farooq. Although this rumour has been rejected by the actress. In a guest appearance with Ali Rehman on Hasan Shehryar’s Show, Hareem Farooq clarified that it is the “Islamabad Connection” which they share between them as they both belong to Islamabad. She further said that Ali Rehman along with her are in Karachi due to their professional engagement in the Media Industry, that’s why they hang out together.

Height, Weight, Education

Hareem Farooq has got a good Height which is 5 feet and 7 inch. Her weight is 56Kg. Hareem Farooq has struggled to lose weight in the past. In her initial days in Media Industry, due to some health issues, Hareem reached weight of up to 80KG. However, she has remained fitness freak since then and has been working out regularly in Gym to keep herself fit.

Hareem is a graduate of Quaid-e-Azam University where she studied Bachelors in Journalism and Sociology.  Right after her graduation she started acting.

Family, Parents, Brother Sister, Cousin

Hareem Farooq spent most of her life in Islamabad as her father was working in Medical Field in Islamabad. Her Mother is also Doctor and specializes in Dermatology. Hareem Farooq has a sister “Arzoo Farooq”. Hareem’s sister Arzoo Farooq is an Interior Designer and works with an American Company in New York. Hareem is three years older then her sister.

Hareem Farooq is also cousin to renowned Pakistani Musician Abdullah Qureshi. When Hareem’s first drama was being aired, Abdullah Qureshi announced through his facebook page and asked his followers to support hareem.

Hareem Farooq Weight Loss diet

Hareem Farooq regularly practise Yoga. She is a fitness freak and has been training with Fatima Zahra Mallik of FZM Boutique Fitness. Hareem has lost 25kgs, doing Diet and Excercises. Back in 2016, she met an accident resulting in injuries. This led her to rest and avoid any physical activity. She  reached weight of 80kg. However, since then she has been working out hard and controlling diet to stay fit.

Hareem has previously followed strict Protein Diet regime to lose weight. She believes in losing fat and strengthening muscles. She advises her followers to be mindfull of what they eat. She recommends to eat good fats like Almonds, Avocado, Whole Eggs, Fish and Cheese. Hareem Diet Plan has very limited amount of Carbs that is she avoids taking Roti, Rice. Hareem Farooq stops eating Three Hours before Sleep.

Hareem Farooq Diet Plan Includes following:

  • Drink lot of water; Atleast 3 litres a day to keep Skin fresh and help in shedding fat
  • Avoid Heavy Carbohydrates including White Rice and Refined Flour
  • Make Protiens major portion of your diet in the form of Chicken, Fish, Mutton
  • Take good fats in the form of Almonds, Avocado, Nuts, Olive Oil, Good form of Cheese
  • Dont take any form of Carbs after 5pm
  • Regularly take Grean Tea through out the day
  • Adopt High Intensity Cardio Work out for fast losing fat

Hareem believes that one should always portray positive image of herself/himself. She says that she has been body-shamed many times in the past, yet she doesnt pay much focus to it. She strongly conveys that one should be happy with herself because If one is not happy with who he/she is, one can never be happy with anyone else.  

It is widely believed in the Media Industry that Hareem Farooq has received Liposuction Treatment for spot reduction of fats from her body. However, this can’t be verified. Hareem Farooq regularly practises Yoga which helps her in maintaining focus and concentration. 

List of Hareem Farooq Dramas


Hareem Farooq is leading actress of Pakistan having appeared in some of the super hit dramas. Her appearances with Ali rehman, Sanam Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, Ahsan khan, Bilal Ashraf, Maya ali and Fahad mustafa have gained a widespread reputation for her. List of Hareem Farooq’s Drama and Movies are mentioned below

Mausam2014SamanIt was the first appearance by Hareem in the Drama back in 2014. Hareem appeared in Lead Role.The Drama was nominated for Best Drama Serial in 3rd Hum Awards.
Mere Humdum Mere Dost2014SajeelaIn Supporting Role
Dusri Bivi2014Ayesha HassanHareem appeared in Leading Role. The story revolved around a couple played by Hareem Farooq and Fahad Mustafa. Their relationship get strained by entry of another woman. The drama was an intense war of Love.
Eid Hungama2014HerselfAppearance in a Eid Special Show by ARY News
Diyar-e-Dil2015Arjumand KhanHareem played a supporting but powerful role in the drama which revolved around traditional values of a tribal family.
It is the story of two brothers and their strong bond, and how they separate from each other and suffer without each other's presence. The drama was recorded in multiple locations including picturesque location of Skardu. The drama become instant hit with re-run in UK and India. The drama also begged multiple awards in Hum Awards 2016 and Lux Stye Awards 2016 including Best Drama Serial.
Mere Jeevan Saathi2015HabibaThe drama failed to attract major ratings
Tere Baghair2015Rabia SalmanWith Hareem in Lead role against Azfar Rahman, story involves around a couples life where husband (Azfar) is shot and admitted to Hospital. The drama highlights difficulties endured by Rabia(Hareem Farooq) in her quest to live a difficult life.
Dil-e-Beqarar2016Farida JavedHareem Farooq's actin g mesmerized the audience as she plays main role. The drama shows families of two brothers who are at odd terms with each other. Farida(Hareem Farooq), daughter of one brother fell in love with Mudassir(Junain Khan) son of the other brother. Hareem plays perfect role of Hardship stricken girl in this drama
Sanam2016AylaHareem along with Osman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali played lead roles in the Love Triangle. The drama is a discovery journey of Osman khalid Butt who finds out difference between life partner and Soul Mate as he ventures into different relationships. The drama gained massive rating as it was simultaneously launhced in UK, UAE and USA. The drama recieved strong feedback
Baaghi2017cameoThe drama was based on story of Murdered Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch played by Saba Qamar. Hareem Farooq had a brief role appearing as TV Show Judge
Miss Veet Pakistan2017-2018celebrity judgeHareem successfully judged two seasons of Miss Veet Beauty Contest.
Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka2018DaniaHareem paired with Ali Rehman in lead role. The drama showed sacrifice of love and relationships.

List of Hareem Farooq Movies

Siyaah2013ZaraHareem Farooq appeared in her first movie in 2013. It was a horror film produced by Osman Khalid Butt. The movie focused on dissociative personality disorder and failed to get public attention.
Janaan2016Guest AppearnceHareem was given a Guest Appearance in the movie co-produced by Osman Khalid Butt and Reham Khan
Dobara Phir Se2016ZainabA lead role in one of the popular movies of the time gave boost to Hareem Farooq's career. The movie revolved around failed marriage of Hareem and her quest of finding love. The movie won numerous awards
Allahyar and the legend of Markhor2017voCameo appearance
Parchi2018EmanHareem Co-Produced and paired with Ali Rehman in the movie which remained a failure
Heer Maan Ja 2019HeerHareem is a Co-Producer and have acted in the new Movie.

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