Government launches android app for Hajjis Guidance

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Government launches android app for Hajjis Guidance

In order to help Hajjis (pilgrims) during their stay in Saudi Arabia for Haj, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has launched multiple Android Mobile Applications for various hajj related things. The Hajj operations ha already started from 4th of July. Hajjis are being directed to use these apps for smooth experience during the hajj.

The first Application is the Mina Locator, which can be used to find a user’s residence, the way to different camps or maktabs, mosques, train stations, hospitals around Mina.

Another app, Pak Hajj Muavin, developed by Punjab IT Board, provides genrel information regarding pilgrims, group information and maktab information.

Rehnuma-e-Hajj is another application in Urdu language which gives information and facilitates pilgrims on how to perform different Manasik-i-Haj (Hajj tasks).

Hajj is expected on 10th and 11th of August depending upon Moon sighting.


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