FBR to target Doctors, Surgeons

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FBR to target Doctors, Surgeons

  • Data on Doctors Income and Filing status to be collected from Hospitals
  • Income to be matched with Tax returns to validate the taxes paid
  • FBR aims to document the Medical Profession

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has sought from Karachi’s major Hospitals, the list of Doctors and Surgeons who have a large patient base but are not Income Tax Filers or pay little taxes.

FBR issued a notice to local Revenue Commissioner to collect data related to health practitioners from Thirty Large Hospitals in Karachi to evaluate and validate their Income Tax Filings and their actual Income.

Furthermore, data on Non-Filer Doctors and Physicians will also be collected.

Shabbar Zaidi, Chairman FBR has said that this move is aimed to document all the working professions and segments in the economy. He said, that FBR has started this activity from Karachi and eventually Doctors across the country will be contacted to bring them in the Tax Circle. Shabbar Zaidi said, that during initial evaluation by FBR, it was revealed that a large number of Doctors are registered with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and have large thriving Patient Base in Private Practices, However, they don’t pay taxes.

FBR will be sending notices to following Hospitals to collect data on Doctors.

 Agha Khan University Hospital  Saifee Hospital  Life Care Consultant Clinic  Zulekha Hospital  Mid City Hospital
 Dow University Hospital  Healthcare Hospital  Karachi Adventist Hospital  Usmania University Hospital  Ashfaq Memorial Hospital
 The Indus Hospital  Park Lane Hospital  Nehal Hospital  Jinnah Hospital  Habib Medical Centre
 National Medical Centre  Liaquat National Hospital  A.O. Clinic  OMI Hospital  Hashmanis Hospital
 Anklersaria Hospital  Taj Medical Complex  Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital  Fatmiya Hospital SIUT
 Ibn-e-Seena Hospital  Ziauddin Hospital  Mamji Hospital

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