FBR likely to send notices to 100,000 Non-Filers

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FBR likely to send notices to 100,000 Non-Filers

Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Shabbar Zaidi has told a news outlet that FBR is ready to send notices to those people who own a house of more than 500 square yards or a vehicle over 1,000cc and doesn’t file taxes.

Previously, the government has extended the tax filing date for filing of FY2018 taxes. The date has been extended till 2nd of August,2019. As per FBR, around 2.1 million people have filed the taxes so far, while FBR forecast this figure to reach 4 million filers this year.

As per FBR official, FBR has compiled a list of around 10 million individuals who own a house or a car and have a bank account yet doesn’t file taxes. In the first phase, these non-filers will be sent notices.

The FBR has set a penalty of Rs. 40,000 for non-filing of the tax return. According to FBR, first, rich people will be sent notices than less-rich people will be sent notices. The first and second notices will be sent electronically to avoid FBR officials contact with the people.

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