Germany to provide 12 million Euro assistance to KPK, Gilgit-Baltistan

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Pakistan’s Mobile Imports fall by 11%

Pakistan imported mobile phones worth $755 million Imposition of Custom Duties and Taxes led to a decline in Imports Pakistan imported mobile phones of around $755 million during July-2018 to June-2019 period compared $847million during July-Ju

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CPI Inflation base year changed to 2015-16

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the government has allowed Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) to change the base year of price statistics to 2015-16 from the old base year of 2007-08 for comparative purposes. In this regard, ECC has pr

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5 positive takeaways from Trump-Imran Meeting

All eyes were on Prime Minister Imran Khan's yesterday meeting with US President Donald Trump where two leaders met and discussed regional Geo-Political Situation along with matters of Bi-lateral Interest. The meeting was held with positive sentiment

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5 surprises from the Monetary Policy of SBP

Governor State Bank of Pakistan Announced Monetary Policy for the next two months where it raised Policy Rate by 100 bps to 13.25%. It was a proactive move taken in continuation of Hawkish Monetary Policy where SBP has already raised 750bps since the

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