Bank of Khyber bear heavy Trading Losses in 2018

  • Profitability down by 75% entirely due to Trading Losses
  • Bank of Khyber has sizable Equity Investment Portfolio which was sold as market turns bearish

Bank of Khyber announced its 2018 annual financial result where bank reported Net Earning of Rs. 466 million (EPS:0.47) as compared to Rs. 1.7 billion (EPS:1.79) in last year. The prime reason of poor financial results was Heavy Trading losses of Rs. 1.2 billion during the year. Bank of Khyber didn’t announce any dividend with the result in order to conserve the Capital.

Keeping in view the Balance Sheet Size and Revenue stream of the bank, Trading Losses of this magnitude is considered material and significant.

Bank of Khyber is majority owned by the Government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa which appoints the Board of Directors for its strategic supervision


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