A bakery in India got Threats for its name “Karachi Bakers”

  • Angry Mob give threats to the owners, Bakery covered the “Karachi” part to do away with the threats
  • The bakery got its name back two days after

A bakery in Indian city of Bangalore covered its name under threat when Angry mob raised slogans outside it and warned of dire consequences.

“Karachi Bakers” is a renowned bakery in Indiranagar area of Bangalore. As tensions mount between India and Pakistan amid Pulwama attack, the bakery come under direct threats from the Indian Mobs. Resultantly it had to hide the “Karachi” part from its name

However, as per Indian Media, local police has come to the rescue and have given security while local citizens came out in bakery’s support.

While the Bakery owners took to the twitter to clarify that it doesn’t have any connection with Pakistan

War mongering and threats from India to Pakistan are raising the heat between the two countries. Any connection with Pakistan may lead to difficult times for people in India.


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