7% decline In the Number Of Pakistanis Getting Permanent Residency In Canada

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7% decline In the Number Of Pakistanis Getting Permanent Residency In Canada

In the Express Entry Report for the year 2018, Immigration division of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, has reported that 3,112  people admitted into the country as permanent residents were Pakistanis. The numbers are 7% lower as compared to last year where 3,335 Pakistanis were issued ITA.

The total number of People obtaining Permanent Residency under Express Entry increased to record 89,800, up by 41% year-on-year. Around 40,000 ITAs went to aspirants who were already in Canada.

More than half of ITAs issued by the Canadian Agency goes to Youngsters with ages ranging from 20 to 29-years. While half of the people who were issued ITAs were Indians.

Technology profession continues to dominate the Express Entry Program as 17% of the candidates who were issued ITAs were from IT Background.

A total of 195,659 eligible profiles were submitted for Express Entry Program marking a 20% increase as compared to last year figure of 162,409 profiles. Most of the applications targeted Ontario, British Colombia and Alberta

Key Takeaways from the 2018 Immigration Report

  • If your profile is weak and doesn’t allow you to get permanent resident directly, there still exist a route which is through the work permit. This means coming to Canada and securing job offers here to qualify for immigration
  • Gaining Canadian Work Experience will boost your profile and increase your chances as 41% ITAs from last year went to aspirants with Canadian work experience.
  • Professionals from IT sector including Software Engineers, System Analysts and Media Developers have a bright chance of getting ITA as evident from records
  • Having siblings in Canada or a Canadian Education will boost your profile and give additional points
  • Canada plans to increase immigration levels to 350,000 immigrants per year by the end of 2021

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