Fruit Juices, Soda lead to Increased Cancer Risk

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Fruit Juices, Soda lead to Increased Cancer Risk

Research published in the British Medical Journal, concludes that Drinking Soda and unsweetened fruit juices increase the risk of cancer. As per the study, daily consumption of about 100 ml of soda correlated with an 18% increase in the risk of some type of cancers including breast cancer. A surprising conclusion of the study relates consumption of unsweetened fruit juices to a higher risk of developing cancer.

The study was conducted in France and is the first study to establish a link between juices and cancer. The research is expected to damage the fruit juices image, which is often considered healthy.

The study evaluated 110 drinks which include many carbonated, sports drink, and pure fruit juice brands. The findings don’t necessarily mean the beverages itself causes cancer. Rather there are few components which may cause cancer. The study didn’t seek to find reasons and justification for the relationship.

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